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I am the last of the peerless wonders from days of thud and blunder.

I am Baron Dur of Hidden Mountain,
AKA durr al-jabal al-mukhfi
AKA Mukhtar al-Mustarib
AKA The Evil Baron (sm)
AKA the Blue Dwarph
AKA The Blue Baron...

This is all about my favorite hobby of 30 plus years, and my occasional comments on what I see there, or don't see as well. If you have stopped in to refresh yourself at the wellspring of my soul, you are most welcome.

Salaam alikuum!

Random thoughts

The scorpion was a symbol of the goddess Inanna.

Old henna and love songs use the metaphor of the scorpion for love: love, like a scorpion sting, makes one breathless, causes a massive hot hard swelling, and the inflamed part feels better when dunked into something moist and soothing.

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